it ends with us by colleen hoover

i finished a colleen hoover book in practically one sitting and really loved it. this is not an uncommon statement among the book crowd, but for me, it’s a statement i thought i’d never ever make again. the last three colleen hoover books i’ve read i’ve either hated or dnf’ed. so i went into it ends with us with alot of caution because i’ve been burned too many times now by the blatantly problematic infuriating tropes (i.e. romanticizing abusive relationships) of her previous books.

honestly it feels like this book was written by a completely different author, but i read her author’s note and she literally says that she usually only writes for entertainment purposes only not to educate or inform with the exception of this book which is a whole other thing that i could talk about. now i don’t have personal experiences of being in an abusive relationship myself but i have seen first hand what an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship can do to those who are raised by it. and in her author’s note she speaks about her own personal experiences and how she wrote this for her mother. and basically i really wish she would approach her writing with the same responsibility that she approached in writing it ends with us because it’s an important story and she told it effectively and genuinely with emotion. she goes on in her author’s note to say that every person’s experience and outcome in an abusive relationship is completely different and it ends with us is just one of those stories.

so i did love this story. i really loved lily as a character. i thought she was brave and bold. i was very proud of her. i cried like hell and was just incredibly moved by her story. and it’s not a perfect book. there are some signature colleen hoover cliches (whirlwind romance, gimmicky journal/letter thing i.e. ugly love poem chapters), but this story has heart and punches you in the gut. so i can’t believe i’m saying this but i recommend this book. will i read another colleen hoover book? maybe…i don’t know considering she only writes “for entertainment purposes”, but i much prefer this type of book from her where she’s very aware of what’s she putting out into the world.

x j i l l i a n 

Favorite Books of far

Okay, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my first post on this blog, and then I remembered since I’ve stopped booktubing I haven’t really talked about the last thirty-ish books that I’ve finished in the last five months. So far I’ve read fifty-eight books in 2016 and I’d say that it’s a pretty successful reading year. For the most part I’ve pretty much enjoyed alot of the books I’ve read, but there are a few disappointments.

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
→ my favorite book of the year so far
→ honestly, i’m so satisfied with this conclusion. i’m so happy with it.
→ i love my precious children
→ so much crying
→ i need that ronan spin off, stiefvater
→ i’m probably going to reread the whole series again soon
→ bluesy forever
→ i’ve heard people complain about some problematic things and while i could see those things, i still love this SO MUCH. i will love this series FOREVER

The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry
→ beautiful writing — flowery and fluid, just the way i like it
→ i saw some reviews talking about the problematic representation and i agree with it now that i’ve read the articles written by actual Native Americans, but I still love this book and story
→ Emily Henry watched my video review and cried and then i cried
→ i didn’t think the love was instalove. i thought it was epic. what can i say i’m a romantic when it comes to books
→ time travel/parellel worlds/sci-fi but with them magical realism feels
→ honestly, i’ll read anything emily henry writes. this book and her writing just worked for ME

The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter
→ fuuuuuck this made me cry ALOT
→ deals with serious issues like emotional abuse and sexual abuse
→ heartbreakingly beautiful — i mean kerry kletter has a way with words that is so enchanting but also haunting at the same time
→ toxic mother daughter relationships
→ BIG focus on family dynamics as opposed to romance
→ mental health issues — specifically PTSD
→ completely underrated

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
→ i actually loved the first one but i totally understand and agree with the problematic aspects especially with tamlin
→ but i still love this and i am trash for it
→ i hate tamlin.
→ rhys is bae
→ holy shit i didn’t believe the hype when it came to this book but i was wrong
→ i need acotar 3 rip me

Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
→ OH MY GOD probably by far the best YA contemporary romance/coming of age i’ve read this year
→ it’s equal parts heart and humor
→ simon’s voice is incredibly authentic and his story, genuine
→ honestly, i’ll read anything albertalli publishes at this point

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
→ YA fantasy following two witchy best friends who are destined to save their world
→ holy hot damn slow burn romances
→ okay the magic system is complicated/confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it is FANTASTIC AND I LOVE IT
→ i need windwitch so bad
→ i gotta reread this book asap

well these are my favorite books of the year so far. let’s be real the only thing that could knock the raven king off the list as my number one fave is crooked kingdom. that book is going to kill me. i’m not ready.

x Jillian