it ends with us by colleen hoover

i finished a colleen hoover book in practically one sitting and really loved it. this is not an uncommon statement among the book crowd, but for me, it’s a statement i thought i’d never ever make again. the last three colleen hoover books i’ve read i’ve either hated or dnf’ed. so i went into it ends with us with alot of caution because i’ve been burned too many times now by the blatantly problematic infuriating tropes (i.e. romanticizing abusive relationships) of her previous books.

honestly it feels like this book was written by a completely different author, but i read her author’s note and she literally says that she usually only writes for entertainment purposes only not to educate or inform with the exception of this book which is a whole other thing that i could talk about. now i don’t have personal experiences of being in an abusive relationship myself but i have seen first hand what an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship can do to those who are raised by it. and in her author’s note she speaks about her own personal experiences and how she wrote this for her mother. and basically i really wish she would approach her writing with the same responsibility that she approached in writing it ends with us because it’s an important story and she told it effectively and genuinely with emotion. she goes on in her author’s note to say that every person’s experience and outcome in an abusive relationship is completely different and it ends with us is just one of those stories.

so i did love this story. i really loved lily as a character. i thought she was brave and bold. i was very proud of her. i cried like hell and was just incredibly moved by her story. and it’s not a perfect book. there are some signature colleen hoover cliches (whirlwind romance, gimmicky journal/letter thing i.e. ugly love poem chapters), but this story has heart and punches you in the gut. so i can’t believe i’m saying this but i recommend this book. will i read another colleen hoover book? maybe…i don’t know considering she only writes “for entertainment purposes”, but i much prefer this type of book from her where she’s very aware of what’s she putting out into the world.

x j i l l i a n 


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