Review Policy


I am currently accepting requests for reviews. However, I cannot accept self-published right now. I currently have a huge TBR shelf that I acquired on my own so I would like to read those first and review those. However, I love to spread the word on upcoming releases so if you are interested in my reviews, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Genre: I read mostly and love YA fiction (fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, adventure, contemporary). I also enjoy new adult fiction. I also read adult fiction but if it is adult fiction it leans towards fantasy, adventure, and science fiction. I also enjoy some middle grade adventure.

Format: Ebook (epub or pdf) or printed

How long it takes me to post a review: I read very quickly. I don’t like to be rushed but if I receive a book for review I will do my best to post a review within a month of the date received.

Reviews: My reviews will always be honest. I will not be rude at all and offer up constructive criticism. I will be posting my reviews here on my blog and can also post them on my goodreads account. I just love to share my opinions about books that I love and would love to get other people excited about books too!

I would love to review books so if you are interested please send me an email to

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